Is It Time To Hire A Pinterest Manager?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re well aware Pinterest is a powerhouse for driving organic (FREE!!) traffic to your website.

And as powerful and amazing as it is, Pinterest is also an intimadating beast!

Which is why it may be time to hire a Pinterest Manager for your business. 

Does this sound like you?

→  You are aware of the potential of Pinterest but don’t have the time to learn it all to DIY

→  You are totally overwhelmed by the idea of keyword research and Pinterest SEO feels completely foreign

→  There is so much conflicting information that trying to decipher it all is making you feel overloaded

→  You know that having effective and consistent Pinterest strategy to is the key to generating leads and increasing your traffic

You’re not alone! Pinterest is a powerful platform that can skyrocket your traffic and reach new audiences around the globe. But it’s time consuming and you need to know the ins and outs to make it work for you.

This is where a Pinterest Manager comes in.

Pinterest Managers Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

A Pinterest Manager works to create a bespoke strategy for your brand based on your business goals.

By using Pinterest with intention and purpose you can easily accomplish the following goals:

Increasing online presence

Growing your email list

Growing you traffic organically 

Increasing sales, course enrollments, membership subscriptions

What Does A Pinterest Manager Do?

Ultimately, when you hire a Pinterest Manager, they can help save you time.

By managing the time consuing platform and ensuring front end and back end operations on Pinterest are attended to,  you to get back to the tasks that need your immediate attention.

Monthly, Weekly and Daily tasks involved in managing your account:

Create beautiful custom pinterest graphics that appeal to multiple audience groups. 

Full set-up and optimization of Pinterest for business set up. 

Keyword research to optimize the reach of each custom pin created for your brand. 

Entire Pinterest profile SEO optimization, including bio and boards to ensure you’re getting found by your target audience. 

Managing applications to high performing niche specific group boards and Tailwind Tribes to help expand the reach of your content 

Monitor group board and Tribes performance to make sure each board your content is being pinned to has an optimal reach. 

Managing your content via Tailwind scheduling to ensure pins and being distributed consistently and at optimal times 

Monitor and analyze Pinterest analytics to see how your profile is performing

Monitor and analyze pin metrics to see how pins are converting to website traffic. 

Monthly reporting with stats and strategies moving forward if specific things need to be tweaked.

Are You Ready To Start Working With A Pinterest Manager?

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